Unique. In function and comfort.

With its sophisticated design, LAIK combines form and function in a completely new concept. It's unique lamella system ensures that you can gently extend your table to its full length. Within seconds, you gain half of the table's basic length in space. And you own a very special piece of furniture. A design object. Made to suit your life.

Excellent quality. Manufactured locally.

From top to bottom, LAIK is a local product made in our own factory. In years of development work, every last part has been worked out to the smallest detail. The result is a perfect blend of high-tech and lifestyle. Each component is manufactured in Germany and receives the finishing touches in our factory. This allows us to offer you a true multi-purpose product in certified quality. Made in Germany. Designed for your everyday life.

Excellent quality. At a fair price.

Choosing your furniture is making a statement. You want excellent quality. You want innovation and outstanding workmanship. With us, you will get all of this at a fair price. And because you buy your furniture directly from us, there are no middlemen involved. This is also reflected in the price.

Made with passion. And know-how.

We don't know how many hours of work went into our patented system. But we're sure that our unique concept inspires modern life. With simplicity, flexibility and exclusive design. You will experience something special. From the very first moment. And we're constantly working on new designs. With passion and precision, we create products that truly stand out from the crowd.