assembly Instructions

The time has come. Your iLAIK is here.

From now on you are a little more fl exible and can spontaneously pull out your designer table and push it back together again. Whatever you want. The unique lamellar structure makes it possible. This is how your iLAIK adapts to everything that happens in your life. In the following we will show you how to assemble the table legs.


It's that easy to attach the table legs:

 1  Slide the bolt into the hole in the table leg.

 2  Using the magnetic pencil, turn the bolt so that the hole in the bolt can be seen through the hole in the table leg.



 3  Insert the screw into the bolt and tighten it.
Important: The notch in the screw must point upwards. The screw remains movable.



 4  The pre-assembled table leg is now pushed into the table frame with the screw.
Remove the LAIK sticker and tighten the screw underneath with the Allen key.