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Long before LAIK GmbH was founded, the two passionate carpenters Tobias Jung and Denis Dostmann couldn't get one question out of their heads: What should furniture look like that is flexible enough to revolutionize everything that already exists?

So they started to develop an extendable designer table that would finally make bulky extension leaves or cumbersome folding mechanisms superfluous. For more freedom and a new dimension in flexibility. With a lot of passion, perseverance, creativity and their broad technical know-how, the two managed what they were looking for: a system with which you can pull out a table with a single gentle movement and push it back together again. Obsessed with detail, perfectionist and full of devotion to their vision, they refined a unique slat design over years of work until it was finally finished - their first big hit: the iLAIK.

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Images / data

iLAIK table collection beige gray / square
iLAIK table collection beige gray / round
iLAIK table collection black / round 
Application breakfast
Use home office / children's table
- Application Office
Application kitchen


- LAIK at the blickfang in Stuttgart
- LAIK on Einfach genial in MDR
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