The LAIK story


Enthusiasm is our declaration of love for what we do. LAIK GmbH is a young and dynamic company founded in January 2020. In search of new possibilities and ways to process and design wood, the two experienced master carpenters and company founders Tobias Jung and Denis Dostmann developed the patented Lignum Arts Innovative Kollektion, or L A I K for short. From the very beginning, their efforts followed one guiding principle: Living flexibly. Today, they build innovative, stylish and unique designer furniture under this motto, which is also characterized by a pull-out mechanism that is as ingenious as it is amazingly easy to use.  

The first example for this is the iLAIK table. Thanks to its flexibility, it can be effortlessly adapted to any situation and thus becomes a companion for life – no matter if it's used as a work, living room or dining table.   



The iLAIK table is a designer table that can be smoothly extended by half of its basic length (and pushed back together again). Unlike conventional extension tables, the iLAIK table functions completely without a folding mechanism and without inlay leaves. In order to have more space on the table in no time at all, you only have to lift it slightly on the narrow side. Then you can effortlessly pull it out to the desired length. This even allows objects (such as glasses, plates or bottles) to remain on the tabletop without falling over or off the table. One thing that makes the iLAIK table unique around the world is its patented lamella design, which is the result of precisely guided, computer-controlled laser cuts. The founding team came up with this functional principle almost by chance: It is based on playing with a folding rule, a habit common not only among carpenters. When the folded rule is pulled slightly from the side, its individual sections open in much the same way as the lamellas of the iLAIK table do today.

This extremely flexible table is available in three different basic lengths (80, 120, 160 and 200 cm). In addition, it is available in several colors and in various designs (e. g. round or rectangular table legs made of wood or aluminum). Thus, every customer can create his or her own personal, individual table, which is then produced and delivered promptly. This ingenious concept gives the iLAIK its extraordinary USP.

The founding team

Denis Dostmann (Master Carpenter), Tobias Jung (Master Carpenter), Christian Mühlbauer (Dipl.-Ing.), marketing and sales: Peter Bruns, Mark Löhr (Dr.-Ing.), Anita Pfattner (Mag., advertising agency Löhr & Partner)

The professional carpenters Denis Dostmann and Tobias Jung came up with the original idea, which they applied for a patent shortly afterwards. Together with engineer Christian Mühlbauer, they are part of the original team of creative minds and represent the LAIK manufactory and product development.

Peter Bruns, Mark Löhr and Anita Pfattner are the members of the LAIK marketing and sales team. Mark Löhr is supported by the in-house advertising agency Löhr & Partner and Peter Bruns can draw on decades of sales experience in the field of kitchen appliances and furniture.


For the production of the innovative iLAIK table and other furniture, LAIK GmbH cooperates with several renowned companies. Our strong, certified partner companies support us with their many years of experience, their technical know-how and their daily commitment to produce outstanding, unique and long-lasting products that are not only enormously versatile and practical, but also real eye-catchers with an Aha! effect.  

By working with regional partners, we shorten transport distances and thus contribute to environmental protection. Our main suppliers are almost all from Germany, more precisely from Bavaria and Baden-Wuerttemberg:

At Lignum Arts in Fuerstenfeldbruck, the tabletops are milled and the legs for the tables or benches are manufactured from oak (oiled). The important laser cutting for the unique lamella design of the iLAIK is done by a specialist company in Munich, the production of colored table/bench legs and other parts made of aluminum are handled by a company in Baden-Wuerttemberg. Various plastic parts are manufactured in Mammendorf, which is also close by. Our iLAIK tabletops are varnished in Eching near Munich.

The sustainably grown, PEFC- and FSC-certified wood for our tabletops comes from Finland.

Additional products

The LAIK family includes the smoothly extendable iLAIK table, the matching iLAIK bench (also available in three lengths, but not extendable) and the matching iLAIK chair made by Wilkhahn in Bad Muender am Deister (Lower Saxony). Why did we choose this manufacturer? Because Wilkhahn and LAIK are a perfect match. You will notice this immediately when the table and chair stand next to each other. Just try it and see for yourself!

Contact for press representatives

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Phone: +49 (0) 89 45 10 46-70