Brilliant design. Simply flexible.

Every day is different. Friends are coming to visit, the children's birthday party is coming up. Oh yes, you have a meeting in your home office soon. With LAIK you are flexibly prepared for everything. Because this designer table has what no one else has. Thanks to its patented lamellar structure, you can easily pull it out by half in one movement. And there's space. For whatever the day brings. Without insert plate. Without folding mechanism. Just awesome.

The iLAIK extendable table. In its original form.

The iLAIK is available in color and also in classic wood. With its natural charm and unique slat design, the iLAIK is down-to-earth and innovative at the same time. It is precisely this interesting combination that makes the extendable table so attractive for anyone who loves robust wooden tables. The birch wood of the table top comes from sustainable cultivation in Finland. So you have a long-lasting companion that makes your life a little more flexible every day.

The size, the color, the shape. You decide.

LAIK adapts flexibly to your style. With a palette of different colors you can determine the look of the table top according to your taste and match the shape and color of the table legs to it. And so that your table - even in full length - fits you perfectly, there are three sizes to choose from. Simply practical.

The size.

80 >> 120 cm x 80 cm / 120 >> 180 cm x 80 cm
160 >> 240 cm x 90 cm / 200 >> 300 cm x 90 cm

80 >> 120 cm x 80 cm

120 >> 180 cm x 80 cm

160 >> 240 cm x 90 cm

200 >> 300 cm x 90 cm

The color.

The shape.

New! The iLAIK couch.

The couch table that makes room for you. Just extract. Just ingenious.
Dimensions: 80 >> 120 x 80 x 45 cm
Table top: rounded or angular, table feet: round or round or angular, classic in wood or in 6 colors.
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LAIK to touch. The sample box.

Experience LAIK in color with our sample box! In it you will find the original color variants to make your decision easier. Small pieces of the table tops and the oak base are also included. In this way you can feel how the surface of your table or your foot will feel in oak. Feel free to get in touch! Worth it. By the way, we will of course credit you with the amount for the sample box when you place an order.

LAIK and Wilkhahn. match.

Are you looking for chairs that complement your table perfectly in terms of style? The universal chair from Wilkhahn's Occo SC series harmoniously rounds off the LAIK design with its striking appearance. The colors of the frame surfaces, seat and back shells are also coordinated with the color variants of our tables. The chairs combine elegant lightness with high seating comfort. LAIK and Wilkhahn – simply a beautiful couple.

New from autumn! The orange-red and blue-grey chair colors are being phased out and are no longer available; they will be replaced by new colors from autumn.

"We are delighted with this sensational and easy-to-handle table as an addition to our home office situation. A real benefit!" Andra S