How long is the delivery time?

Our delivery time is currently approx. 12 weeks for all items that are not in stock, such as configured items. Sale items are in stock and can be picked up in the respective showroom.

Does LAIK also deliver abroad?

We currently also deliver to Austria, Switzerland and Italy. Orders can be placed via the LAIK Shop.

Delivery to other European countries is possible, but currently only via email: we@laik.style

How do I assemble the iLAIK extendable table?

Assembly is very easy (5 minutes) with the supplied assembly set. This also includes ours Assembly Instructions.

How do I clean my iLAIK extendable table?

Thats is quite easy.

For this you use a soft and slightly damp cotton cloth, preferably with a few drops of neutral detergent and lukewarm water. Please do not use a microfiber cloth, this is not good for the table because it rubs. It is best to clean the table when it is closed by wiping along the slats.

For example, if food such as sauces has been spilled, it is best to allow the sauce to dry and then use the cleaning card provided to remove it. You can use this to clean the slats by running it along the slats and removing any leftover food or crumbs.

We don't have any special care instructions for you because it is a piece of lacquered furniture and does not require any additional care products.

If the iLAIK squeaks when you take it off after a long period of use, you take it off completely, lift the slat packs individually, run a rag under them and remove the accumulated dust or crumbs. Don't worry, the slats are flexible. After this basic cleaning, you can also rub the sliding surfaces very lightly with a wax spray from Würth or the special oil WD40 (available in every hardware store).

All table legs have a rubber stopper at the bottom. If more dust gets under the stoppers, the table may slip slightly. In this case, simply clean the rubber stoppers with a damp cloth.

What is patented in the iLAIK extendable table?

The lasered slat design for wooden furniture.

Where is the iLAIK extendable table produced?

The iLAIK extendable table is a local product from our own factory through and through – a symbiosis of high-tech and lifestyle. Each component is made in Germany and receives the finishing touches from us. The result is a true all-rounder in certified quality. Made in Germany. All components of the table are processed by us and our suppliers from Bavaria. By working together with our regional partners, we shorten transport routes and thus contribute to environmental protection.

What materials is the iLAIK extendable table made of?

The sustainably grown, PEFC and FSC-certified birch wood for our table tops comes from Finland. The iLAIK table base and the colored table feet are made of the sustainable material aluminium. In contrast to other materials, aluminum can be melted down again and again for high-quality products without any loss of quality. 75% of the aluminum used comes from recycling.

The iLAIK pull-out table retracts again after I have pulled it out. What should I do?

Some dust has probably gotten on the table feet and this has affected the extension. Simply remove the dust from the rubber on the table feet and the pull-out works perfectly again.

Is the iLAIK extendable table also suitable for outdoor use?

Due to the sensitive wooden slats, it is only designed for indoor use, we do not recommend it for outdoor use.

For which floors is the iLAIK extendable table suitable?

The iLAIK extendable table can be used universally due to the nature of its table base (also for cork floors): The table bases have rubber on them that does not oil out, does not leave black stripes and does not leave marks or holes. It has a shore hardness of 60.

What do I have to consider when pulling apart the iLAIK pull-out table?

Please only pull it apart or push it together in an upright position (never upside down). This is not good for him at all and you can damage him as a result.

What is not a quality defect in the iLAIK?

The corrugation of the lamellas within a tolerance range of 1.8 mm. Wood is a natural material and works under different conditions such as humidity and temperature, i.e. it changes depending on the room climate. A Corrugation of the slats in this frame is perfectly acceptable for the use of the table and is not a quality defect.

Inclusions in the lacquer surface of up to 1 mm. Our iLAIK is coated with textured lacquer to equalise certain external influences from the air/environment. Inclusions within this range are acceptable for our quality control.

Paint mist or paint smoke that collects at the edges.When painting the iLAIK, we use paint with a texturing agent.During manual painting, but also in the painting line, paint smoke typically collects on the edges. This is also known as paint mist and is excess paint or paint build-up that is minimised or disappears when using the iLAIK, for example when wiping the edge with a cotton cloth.